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3 years ago
I was fortunate for the opportunity to work alongside Genevieve in the pediatric setting. She is talented, creative and deeply knowledgeable in regards to her treatment plans. However where she really makes a difference is her ability to form connections with her patients. The bonds she creates with her patients help them to see the value in the hard work, and remain motivated the meet their rehab goals. I would highly recommend her to any friend or family member.
- Melissa S
3 years ago
I had the pleasure of working with Genevieve and she cared for her patients as if they were one of her own. Her skillful and compassionate approach to each person makes challenges manageable. Great things are possible with the right person in your corner. Thank you, Genevieve.
- Jennifer C
3 years ago
I have known Genevieve both professionally and personally for 10 years. She has always held high standards of character in professional practice and continuously implements good clinical judgement. Her strength in communication skills sets her above the rest and allows her to help her patients achieve clearly set goals and objectives to help them achieve their full potential in living a more independent and purposeful life.
- Joan Z

Virtual Client Centered Care

Embracing neurodiversity while facilitating optimal functioning in activities of daily living through remote, synchronous, private telehealth sessions. Client centered occupational therapy treatment plans, customized for pediatrics, adolescents, young adults, and geriatrics from a professional, personal and parent perspective. Value-based and trauma-informed therapeutic interventions to validate concerns and empower individuals and underserved populations to achieve meaningful outcomes via teletherapy. 

A safe space where all are welcome. From the NICU to nursing homes, new to the country or to this  community, any orientation or identification, at The Remote OT compassionate, high quality health care is provided to all.

Insured and uninsured alike. In network provider for Medicaid, Medicare Part B, Tricare, BCBS Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Blue Chip/Choice and most other private insurance plans accepted. For individuals without insurance, your care is here - we will work with you if you are without coverage (in other words, please reach out, insurance verification takes only a minute and we are more than happy to help you access your care :).

Special Needs Services (Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult & Geriatric):

*Also offering therapeutic personal and professional development for fellow providers embarking on private practice (email for more info).

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Social Skills Enhancement/ Virtual Social Pragmatic Groups
  • Early Intervention 
  • Caregiver Coaching
  • IEP/504 Development & Support 
  • Occupation Based Parent Coaching
  • Autism Spectrum (ASD) & Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder Strategies & Support
  • Coprophagy, Scatolia & Enuresis Therapeutic Interventions
  • Sensory Processing Strategies & Support
  • ADHD Strategies & Support
  • Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Strategies & Support
  • Hyperlexia Strategies & Support
  • Personalized Career Counseling
  • Resume Editing/ Vocational Training/ Interview Skill Development
  • Independent Functioning Coaching
  • Handwriting (Individual or Group Programs)
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development
  • Diet & Nutrition Coaching
  • Learning Differences Therapeutic Interventions
  • Infant & Toddler Developmental Therapy
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis Treatment Plan & Home Exercise Program
  • Cerebral Palsy Therapeutic Intervention
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Support
  • Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD) Support
  • Bipolar Support
  • Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) Therapeutic Intervention
  • Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) Therapeutic Intervention
  • Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures (PNES) & Epilepsy Therapeutic Intervention
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Therapeutic Intervention
  • Covid Recovery Therapeutic Interventions
  • Therapeutic support for individuals experiencing homelessness 
  • Nature Based Treatment Programs
  • Individual & Family Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Foster Care Independent Living/ Social Skills & Support Groups 
  • Refugee/Asylee/Immigration Support Services
  • Fibromyalgia Therapeutic Interventions
  • Chronic Pain Therapeutic Interventions
  • Low Vision Therapeutic Interventions
  • Aging in Place 
  • Ergonomic Redesigning to Enhance Participation (work, leisure & E-Sports athletes)

Where short term goals become long term achievements. 


Embracing Holland

Bi-Polar Girl

Approved Maryland Medicaid Provider 

Genevieve Engleman is an Occupational Therapist providing therapeutic support, built upon empathy, compassion and non-judgmental consideration of everyone's unique situations in life. Her private virtual practice ( offers client centered, custom treatment plans which span across the lifespan from the NICU to geriatric populations and every age in between. She is a real nerd at heart and loves expanding her knowledge through the completion of way too many continuing education courses to stay abreast of all the latest intervention strategies and most recent research and has achieved specialty recognition from NBCOT in pediatrics and orthopedics for her studies. Genevieve comes from a vast background in the healthcare system from Miami to Maryland and previously served as the Clinical Executive Associate for a large statewide practice in Rhode Island. She is originally from Canada and believes quality healthcare is a human right and structures her private practice to prevent cost from ever being a barrier to quality healthcare. She enjoys playing guitar, being in nature and spending time with her three children Hank, Beau & Eden. She is currently serving as the secretary of the Maryland Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA) for the 2023-2026. 

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is the only profession that helps people across the lifespan to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities (occupations).

Occupational therapy practitioners enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health, and prevent—or live better with—injury, illness, or disability. 

Common occupational therapy interventions include helping children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations, helping people recovering from injury to regain skills, and providing supports for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes. Occupational therapy services typically include:
  • an individualized evaluation, during which the client/family and occupational therapist determine the person’s goals,
  • customized intervention to improve the person’s ability to perform daily activities and reach the goals, and
  • an outcomes evaluation to ensure that the goals are being met and/or make changes to the intervention plan. 

Occupational therapy practitioners have a holistic perspective, in which the focus is on adapting the environment and/or task to fit the person, and the person is an integral part of the therapy team. It is an evidence-based practice deeply rooted in science ( 

Mental Health, Mental Illness, and Everyday Functioning 

Occupational therapy practitioners provide services to people across the lifespan who experience a range of mental health and ill health based on genetic predisposition and/or life stressors (e.g., disability, injury, trauma). The continuum of mental health can range from acute mental illness or mental health challenges at one end, to mentally healthy and flourishing at the other (Keyes, 2007). Mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness, but the presence of a cluster of characteristics including positive affect, positive psychological and social functioning, and the ability to adapt to change and cope with life challenges (Keyes, 2007; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1999). People who are mentally healthy, even with the presence of an identified mental illness, function better in everyday life and engage in activities to maintain health (Keyes, 2007; Rasciute & Downward, 2010; Sabatini, 2011). Because of the dynamic nature of mental health and mental ill health in a person’s life, occupational therapy practitioners tune into and address the mental health needs of all clients in all practice settings.

When might a child need OT?
  • Delay in fine or gross motor milestones (rolling, sitting, crawling, feeding, etc.)
  • Bilateral coordination struggles (cutting, handwriting, dressing)
  • Balance (clumsy) or decreased hand-eye coordination 
  • Sensitivities to touch, noise, smell, light, and/or movement
  • Abnormal postures or positioning (W-sitting on the floor, slouching in a chair, always propped with upper extremity to provide support)
  • Seeking of rough housing or constant movement
  • Challenges with sibling interactions or social skills with peers
  • Challenges with attention to tasks or following directions

With internet access and free videoconferencing software, a highly-qualified occupational therapist is just a click away to visit your child virtually at home or in the classroom.

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